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  • Ukraine International Airlines PS; Country of origin: Ukraine Destination Airports: Berlin-Tegel, Moscow-Domodedovo, Moscow-Sheremetyevo, Berlin (TXL, SXF), Moscow - Metropolitan Area
  • Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines UF; Country of origin: Passengers/Year: 210,000
  • Ultimate Air Shuttle UE; Country of origin:
  • Uni Air B7; Country of origin: Taiwan
  • United Airlines UA; Country of origin: United States Destination Airports: Munich, San Jose, Costa Rica, Frankfurt-Main, Fresno, CA, Berlin-Tegel
  • Ural Airlines U6; Country of origin: Russian Federation Destination Airports: Moscow - Metropolitan Area, Bishkek, Irkutsk, Moscow-Domodedovo, Cologne (Koeln)-Bonn
  • Urumqi Air UQ; Country of origin:
  • US Airways US; Country of origin: Destination Airports: Frankfurt-Main, Miami International Airport, FL, Las Vegas - McCarran International Airport, NV, New York - La Guardia Airport, NY, Los Angeles International Airport, CA
  • US-Bangla Airlines BS; Country of origin:
  • UTair Aviation UT; Country of origin: Russian Federation Destination Airports: Belgorod, Munich, Brno Turany, Frankfurt-Main, Frankfurt-Hahn
  • UVT Aero RT; Country of origin: Passengers/Year: 100,000
  • Uzbekistan Airways HY; Country of origin: Uzbekistan Destination Airports: Tashkent, Istanbul-Ataturk, Frankfurt-Main, Bangkok International Airport, Siem Reap