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Port Harcourt Airport

Port Harcourt International Airport is one of the main airports in the West African Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Local time: Sat. 13 Aug '22 05:24



Departing Destination Flight # Airline
08:25 Abuja ABV P47191
Air Peace
08:40 Abuja ABV N2382
Aero Contractors
08:50 Lagos LOS W3741
Arik Air
08:55 Lagos LOS QI806
Ibom Air
09:10 Abuja ABV QI900
Ibom Air
09:40 Abuja ABV QI902
Ibom Air
09:40 Lagos LOS N2312
Aero Contractors
09:55 Lagos LOS QI807
Ibom Air
11:45 Lagos LOS P47193
Air Peace
12:40 Lagos LOS W3743
Arik Air
Arriving From Flight # Airline
07:55 Lagos LOS P47190
Air Peace
08:10 Abuja ABV N2381
Aero Contractors
08:10 Lagos LOS W3740
Arik Air
08:15 Abuja ABV QI905
Ibom Air
08:30 Lagos LOS QI800
Ibom Air
09:00 Lagos LOS QI802
Ibom Air
09:10 Lagos LOS N2311
Aero Contractors
09:15 Abuja ABV QI904
Ibom Air
11:15 Abuja ABV P47192
Air Peace
11:20 Abuja ABV QR1433
Qatar Airways
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Airport Name Port Harcourt
City Port Harcourt
Country Nigeria
Tel. +234 84 231-909
Timezone Africa/Lagos
Terminals 1
Address Port Harcourt Airport, Kaicon Express Way, PBM Sokara, Port Harcourt, River State, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Runway Name Length Width
03/21 3,001 m 60 m


The airport is about 35 km or 20 miles from Port Harcourt.


Yes; paid short and long-term parking