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Seoul - Gimpo International Airport

Local time: Fri. 27 Jan '23 22:57



Departing Destination Flight # Airline
06:05 Jeju CJU LJ0403
Jin Air
06:05 Jeju CJU OZ8901
Asiana Airlines
06:10 Jeju CJU OZ8903
Asiana Airlines
06:15 Jeju CJU LJ0407
Jin Air
06:20 Jeju CJU OZ8905
Asiana Airlines
06:30 Jeju CJU 7C0101
Jeju Air
06:35 Jeju CJU LJ0303
Jin Air
06:40 Jeju CJU RS0901
Air Seoul
06:45 Jeju CJU 7C0151
Jeju Air
06:50 Jeju CJU OZ8907
Asiana Airlines
Arriving From Flight # Airline
07:45 Jeju CJU OZ8900
Asiana Airlines
08:00 Busan PUS BX8800
Air Busan
08:10 Jeju CJU KE1118
Korean Air
08:10 Jeju CJU OZ8902
Asiana Airlines
08:15 Busan PUS 7C0211
Jeju Air
08:30 Busan PUS LJ0342
Jin Air
08:55 Jeju CJU KE1126
Korean Air
09:00 Busan PUS BX8802
Air Busan
09:05 Jeju CJU LJ0304
Jin Air
09:10 Jeju CJU OZ8904
Asiana Airlines
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Airport Name Seoul - Gimpo International
City Seoul
Country South Korea
Tel. +82 2 1661-2626 (Info Desk)
Timezone Asia/Seoul
Terminals Domestic, International
Address Seoul-Gimpo Int. Airport, 78 Haneul-Gil, Gangseo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
Runway Name Length Width
14L/32R 3,600 m 45 m
14R/32L 3,200 m 60 m